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Tattoo Artist

Piercing Apprentice 2020
Tattoo Apprentice 2021

Media / Marketing

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Tamara began an interest in arts as a young child, starting with taking classes with her grandmother at Micheal's and the MacLaren Arts Centre in Barrie, Ontario when she was 8 years old. In high school, She studied Photography, communication technology, Media, and Digital arts at Bear Creek Secondary School. After graduating, She worked as a Beauty Technician, specializing in colour theory until 2019. 


  In 2018, She began volunteering at a tattoo studio helping Hashimoto Tattoos with merch production, assisting in monthly art nights, and spending any free time she could drawing in the shop. 

She started her formal apprenticeship with Amanda Hashimoto in 2020, who she continues to learn many techniques and styles of tattooing from.

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