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Inked Circus Tattoo Expo

We attended the Inked Circus Tattoo Expo in London, Ontario this August with our friends at Lord's Ink of Bolton Ontario. It was a busy, fun time! Loads of great people and great entertainers were there.

We are happy that we got to team up with our friends Jordan , Roger , Josh , and Cathryn.

Amber did some play piercings on her legs. Play piercings are temporarily left in because the location and style of jewellery wont heal.

Nick graduated from his apprenticeship and is now a junior artist.

Jordan won 2nd place for Best Small Script at the Barrie Inked Circus.

Amanda and Autumn did a tandem tattoo session on Stu.

Tamara Did a bunch of nerd tattoos from her Dark Nintendo series.

You can find us next year at Inked Circus Tattoo Expo - London!

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