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Coloured ink on different skin tones

We know how inspiring it can be to see a photo of a tattoo online, but it's important to look at HEALED tattoo photos. Tattoo ink sits underneath the skin, which means whatever skin tone and colour you have, will alter the way the tattoo appears. If you have more melanated skin, then light, pale, or pastel colours will not have much contrast against your skin. Here is a healed example of a variety of colours on someone with a warm skin tone. You can see how the lighter warm hues haven't got much contrast. This will also be apparent in the summer if their skin tone is darker with a tan.

People of colour can get great tattoos, your artist just needs to keep colour theory in mind. With saturated, vibrant pigments, your healed tattoo will look fantastic.

Just as with white ink, We advise to you look up HEALED colour tattoos to get a solid idea of what to expect with different pigments

compared to your skin tone. We do free consultations where you can ask any questions you have about how your tattoo will look in the long term.

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