Tattoo Apprentice

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Harley has been drawing ever since she could hold some crayons, her whole life she has always wanted to pursue a career in the arts. Throughout school she would always be getting in trouble for drawing instead of paying attention to lessons. She took art during all 4 years of Highschool, as well as digital art courses. However because of her advance knowledge of art she would end up helping the teacher's assist other students with assignments, as well as explaining techniques to her peers for extra credit. Harley has also studied photography and videography, having the opportunity during her grade 11 and 12 year to create, and produce a news show based on her Highschool that would air on Rogers Television in Midland Ontario.


Harley has taught in a Montessori style art program in Barrie, as well as offered online mentoring to other artists wanting to learn. She has taught individuals and groups of people from the ages of 5 to 50+. Some of the things that she has taught are; Pottery on the wheel, painting, drawing, as well as digital art.


Over the last few years Harley has spent the majority of her time pushing her knowledge by learning from artists in the videogame industry, and has decided to take that knowledge and pursue her dreams of becoming a tattoo artist.