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What Types Of Payment do You Accept? We take debit, credit, cash, ApplePay, GooglePay, and SamsungPay. We also sell gift certificates an any amount you would like.

How do I Contact the Studio? Email us at

Where is Ninja Cyborg Studio Located? Our Address is: 500 - B Mapleton Ave, Barrie, ON L4N 9C2

How Long Have You Been Open? Ninja Cyborg was founded in 2021, by Amanda Hashimoto. She has 10 years of industry experience as a tattoo artist, and studio manager. Ninja Cyborg Studio has won Best Piercings and Tattoos in Barrie by Community Votes for 2022 and 2023.

What are Deposits and Art Fees? Deposits are required for all tattoo bookings and may be required for certain piercing orders and projects. Deposits are not required for consultation bookings.   *Deposits are the artists houly rate. Full day appointments are a $500 deposit. *Deposits are non-taxed. *Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferrable and held until the final sitting of the current project. After 12 months time deposits expire and can no longer be used. *If a client fails to give 48 business hours notice on cancelations or rebookings the deposit is void. If less than 3 business days notice is given, 50% of the deposit is void, and an additional deposit will be required to rebook. During the months of November, December, and January 1 WEEK notice is required to rebook, or the deposit will be void. *3 cancelations/rebookings are permitted, then the deposit is void, regardless of the amount of notice given. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment without contact, your appointment may be cancelled and deposit void. *Art fees are the payment required to commision an artist for a custom design. This payment is to cover the time spent by the artist on the artwork. *The artist maintains ownership of their custom design. *Art fees are a service provided by the artist and are taxed when put though the till. They are NOT deposit’s and will NOT be taken off of the final price.  *Art fees are up to the artists based on the amount of time needed to complete the commissioned drawing. *Typically, art fees are anywhere between $40 to $100  *Not all tattoos require custom drawings and art fees.

Are Consultations Free? Consultations are free of charge and are up to 30 minutes in duration. During the consultation, it is up to the client to provide their artist with all required information for their tattoo. This includes source materials, reference photos, size in inches, placement, style, budget, time frame, ect. If a consultation is cancelled within 48 hours notice or the client is 10 minutes late, the next consultation will have a fee of $50. Consultations can be done via Email for free. During consultations you may be required to pay an art fee for custom drawings. A deposit is required to book a tattoo appointment, which is typically done at the time of the consultation.

Do You Accept Walk-ins, or do I Need an Appointment? Yes, we do accept walk ins, provided an artist is available and able to get the design ready in time. We are a busy studio and open 5 days a week, but it is recommended to call before coming in. It is quite common for our artists to be booked for months in advance.

How do I Book an Appointment? To book an appointment you can send us an email to or come into the studio. It is recommended to call the receptionist and book a consultation to get the most accurate and prompt response.


What if I Need to Change my Appointment? We require 48 business hours notice to rebook an appointment. Failure to do so results in loss of deposit. If less than 3 business days notice is given, 50% of the deposit is void, and an additional deposit will be required to rebook. During the months of November, December, and January 1 WEEK notice is required to rebook, or the deposit will be void. 3 cancelations/rebookings are permitted, then the deposit is void, regardless of the amount of notice given.

Is There a Set-Up Fee For Tattoos? All tattoos require a 50$ set up fee which is applied to the first hour of the tattoo, for every tattoo appointment. This also applies to touch-ups. This is to compensate for the cost of the premium supplies used to creat the tattoo. A touch up is a minimum of the 50$ set up fee. If a tattoo touch up is longer than 1 hour, it will be charged at the hourly rate.

What is the Recommended Aftercare for my Tattoo? Every artist and shop will have their own aftercare, it is recommended that you follow what your artist provides you. If you have done your research and are going to a professional, you will be in good hands either way. You can find our aftercare information at the top of this page by clicking the button, we provide you with verbal and written aftercare instructions at the time of your tattoo appointment, as well as emailing you a written copy to the email you provided on your tattoo waiver.

Is Your Studio Clean? Our tattoo studio is fully disposable and ensures to set up and tear down in front of every client.   We even use sterile water to tattoo with. We have our up to date health inspection hanging on our walls along with all spore tests done bi-weekly. 

Do You do Touch-Ups? Touch-ups that are done by the original artists, within 3 months are subject to the 50$ set-up fee. If a touch up takes more than an hour, it is charged at the artists hourly rate. If the tattoo is over 6 months old, or was originally tattooed by another artist, it will be the artists standard hourly rate.

Can I Tan With a Tattoo? It goes against our aftercare and is not recommended to go tanning during the first four weeks after getting your tattoo. After your tattoo is fully healed you can put SPF 45 or higher on to protect it from the sun. Excessive, prolonged sun exposure will fade your tattoo over time. 

Can You Tattoo Over Scars? It depends on the severity and maturity of your scar(s). This is determined on a case by case basis. In general, a scar should be at least one or two years old but a consultation with an artist is mandatory first. Stretch marks are different than scars and must be consulted with a professional and reputable artist that has worked with them before.

Can You Fix, or Cover-Up a Tattoo Done by Someone Else? Yes. It is up to the artist if they feel confident and comfortable to work within the guidelines of your coverup based on what you currently have. A sucessful cover-up tattoo needs to be at least 25-30% bigger than the original. The colours that can be used depend on what is currently there. Your artist will work within the constraints of what tattoo you would like to have covered to design you an amasing tattoo.

Do You do Lip, Ultra-Violet (UV), or Tattoos with a Loved Ones Ashes? For sterility and safety purposes we do not offer these options. 

Do Your Artists do Custom Drawings or do I Need a Ready Design? Yes, our artists can do custom drawings and designs, they may require a consultation and drawing fee prior to doing the drawing. If more than one consultation is required a 50$ fee will be charged. Please ensure to come prepared with all the source material you can; content matter and styles you like to show your artist the direction you are going in. 

COVID-19 Due to COVID-19, all consultations and appointments are booked online. Please clean your hands when you enter the studio, there is hand sanitizer immediately in front of the door. No additional people are permitted in the studio other than the client. If you feel sick, have a cough, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, have traveled in the last 14 days, have been around someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or if you have personally tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you cannot enter the studio.


How Can I Prepair For my Tattoo? *Make sure to eat a healthy, well-ballanced meal and drink plenty water the day of your appointment. *Come well rested. *Get a babysitter. Children are not permitted at the studio while you are getting tattooed. If you arrive with a child, your appointment will be cancelled, and your deposit will be voided. *Wear comfortable clothing, avoid wearing white.  *Do not take recreational drugs or consume alcohol at least 24 hours before your tattoo.

Are Tattoos Safe? When you are seeing a reputable artist that is following all recommended safety procedures then yes, tattooing is completely safe. Please make sure you are fully honest about any medical conditions and don’t be afraid to ask about sterile procedures and health board certificates. 

When is the Best Time to Get a Tattoo? Anytime of the year is the best time to get a tattoo of course! Although our skin is exposed to the elements more often in the summer, and you will need to avoid things such as swimming and tanning while your tattoo is healing. Getting tattooed while mensurating can more painful, so you may want to plan around that. These are things you may want to take into consideration during a consultation with your artist.

What if I am Sick? Can I Still Get a Tattoo? It is not recommended to get a tattoo when your immune system isn’t 100%. You will need your strength and white blood cells to heal your new tattoo! Your body cannot do that if it is fighting away bacteria or virus. If you are sick, please call and reschedule your appointment so that illness is not passed onto any of our artist, employees and other clients in our shop. If you arrive to the studio sick, you will not be allowed in, and your deposit will be void.

Do I Need ID? We require a valid, government-issued photo ID for all tattoos and piercing appointments. If you go by a different name than is on your ID, there is a section on the waiver for your legal name and chosen name, as well as pronouns. Our age restrictions are listed on the RATES page.


Can I Get a Tattoo or Piercing While I'm Pregnant or Breastfeeding? No, we will not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or breast feeding for less than 6 months.

Do People Faint During a Tattoo? Yes, can happen. People tend to pass out because of nerves, not having eaten, low blood sugar, or heat. The artists in our studio are trained to watch for signs however if it happens, we are well prepared to take care of you and ensure the importance of your discretion and comfort. Eating a health, well balanced meal before your tattoo will help. If you are prone to fainting please notify your artist before your tattoo.

Can I Use Numbing Cream Before My Tattoo? Be sure to consult you artist prior to putting on any numbing cream. We typically will not tattoo if a topical anesthetic has been use because it affect how the ink stays in the skin. If you arrive to your appointment with a topical anesthetic on and haven't previously asked your artist if they will tattoo with numbing cream, your appointment may be cancelled, and your deposit voided.

When is it Not a Good Idea to Get a Tattoo? You should not get tattooed when you are: *Drunk *High *Pregnant *Pre-Surgery *Post-Surgery (Even dental) *When you don’t know what you want *When you can’t afford it *When you’re sunburned *If you suffer from eczema and have any outbreaks or rashes in that area *When you have your kids with you *If you don't have ID

Is There Anything You Will Not Tattoo? All artists have the right to refuse work on anything they deem hateful, racist, obscene, sits above the collar, below the wrists, near the genitals, or on any other area on the body that may cause the artist discomfort. All artists also have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason including poor attitude, disrespectfulness and/or any inappropriate behavior. This applies both to the client and the company they bring along with them as well as anyone under the influence. If you are under the age of 18, we will not tattoo you.


Sterilization Your safety is our priority! Much of our piercing is done tool-free or with single use impliments. For display jewellery and the few items that require processing we are equipped with an in-house sterilization facility including separate processing rooms for contaminated and non-contaminated items. To ensure proper sterilization we spore test our autoclaves bi-weekly, use indicator and integrator strips and log all cycles. We currently use a Statim 2000.

Does it Hurt? This is not a question with a yes or no answer. If you have recently eaten your pain tolerance will be higher. If you are currently menstruating, your pain tolerance will be lower.  In general, an individual’s pain tolerance varies from person to person. Many people would describe a piercing as a tiny pinch, and it’s over very quickly. So in short: It may hurt a bit, but not enough to stop you from doing it! It’s a great idea to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal before your appointment.

Piercing Consultations Piercing consultations are done in person. Not everyone has suitable anatomy for every piercing, most commonly navels and industrials. If you don't have the anatomy for the piercing you want, Amber will discuss other options with you. She has 16 years of experience and is proficient in all type of body piercings.

What Type of Jewelelry Do You Use? Piercings are anatomy dependent, and initial insertion jewellery is selected to suit your individual anatomy. All body jewellery has a high polish surface and is made from biocompatible materials that are recommended by the APP The most common metal allergy is to nickel. We carry ASTM-136 titanium, 14K gold, niobium, and glass jewellery that is nickel-free. The majority of our jewellery is implant grade titanium. If you have any allergies or suspect you may, please consult your artist.


I'm Having Issues Healing my Piercing, Can You Help Me? It doesn't matter where, or when you got your piercing, Amber can do trouble shooting with you in person, or online. The most common causes for delayed healing or irritation bumps are: *Placement *Jewellery *Anatomy *Aftercare *External irritations like contact sports, clothing, pets, bumping or snagging the jewellery *A comprimized immune system.

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